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Oakendale Farm offers full service boarding to horses in training with Alison McCallum.

Board includes:

  • Daily feedings, turnout, stall cleaning, blanketing and basic care.

  • Daily individual and group turnout.

  • Scheduling of all veterinary, farrier, dentist, chiro, body work
    Additional a la carte services available.

Training Services Include

  • ​Daily training rides, hacks, lunging and rehabbing.

  • Group and private lessons.

  • Grooming, clipping, braiding.

  • Alison helps each horse and rider combo with goal planning and creating a path to reach those goals.

  • Coaching and Training at horse shows.

  • Transportation to horse shows.

Alison McCallum works with each owner/rider to create an individual training program. We appreciate owners/riders that enjoy taking part in their horses daily care and training.

If you are interested in adding a horse to our training program contact Alison McCallum today!

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