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Alison McCallum - Owner/Trainer

Alison is a highly skilled and experienced horse trainer with a passion for equestrian sports. With over 20 years in the industry, she has developed a deep understanding of horse behavior and training techniques. As an equestrian, Alison has competed and trained in Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping. She is dedicated to helping horses reach their full potential and to fostering a strong bond between horse and rider. Whether she is training a young prospect or fine-tuning the skills of an experienced competitor, She is committed to excellence in all aspects of horsemanship. Alison is proud to be a trusted trainer, mentor and coach in the equestrian community.
Meet Alison's Horses
Donata VT
2014 Hanoverian Mare
Don Hill X Berimba, Banter
Currently competing 2nd level dressage and loves to jump.
De Soleil U.M.
2007 Hanoverian Mare
De Laurentis X Pikzie, Pik Immer
Currently competing 3nd level dressage.
Enuff Baby Enuff
2012 OTTB Gelding
Currently training for a career in the Jumpers.

Alison is looking to partner with owners and friends. If you are interested in helping Alison with her competition horses and be a part of the journey contact her today!

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